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February 28, 2020

Principal Tim Kollmorgen




   1 – K – 8th sing @ 10:30am Service

         Lutheran Schools Week begins!

   2 – Dr. Seuss Character Day

         K-8 Spelling Bee @ 1:00pm

         Science Olympiad – 4:30pm

   3 – Twin or Triplet Day

         Science Olympiad – 4:30pm

   4 – Chapel: Pastor Fenker

         Color Day (class dresses in same color)

         Afternoon Concert: Flute and Harp

   5 – PJ Day

         Science Olympiad – 4:30pm

         Making Blankets for Phil’s Friends

   6 – Superhero Day

         Hot Air Balloon Rides

Lutheran Schools Week!

We are about to begin our celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week!

It begins with K-8th grade singing and ringing in church (at St. Mark’s) for the 10:30am service on March 1 – that’s THIS SUNDAY!

Every family should have received a flyer with all of the week’s events listed by day – including special dress days!

Each morning, we will begin with a short devotion and thank the Lord for our Lutheran School – parents and all are invited!

Did you know that there are over 1900 Lutheran Schools like ours across the planet?  These schools serve over 200,000 students each day by teaching and reminding them of Christ’s unwavering love for them – there is nothing more important than that!

K-8 Singing in Church

THIS SUNDAY, March 1st, St. Mark’s K-8th grades will sing and ring for the 10:30am service. All students should meet in the balcony by 10:20am. Afterwards, cake will be involved!

This service will kick-off our Lutheran Schools Week celebration – and is one way we say Thank You to St. Mark’s congregation! 


Enrollment is open NOW!  Enroll before the fee increases March 15! If you have already enrolled – but haven’t paid the fee – it will increase on March 15th!

Here is your link to our online form:


The 4 year old class, Pre-K, K, and grades 1, 2, and 3 are in real danger of filling to capacity – enroll early to your reserve your spot(s)!  Community enrollment is now open.

All enrollments must be secured with the proper fee in order to guarantee the seat!


EdChoice is Ohio’s “school voucher” system.  There are actually two EdChoice Scholarships – EdChoice, and EdChoice Expansion.  Regular EdChoice provides scholarships based on a student being assigned to or attending a failing school.  EdChoice Expansion is purely based on a family’s income.

EdChoice Expansion (the income based one) is open and it is business as usual – except that now all students in K – 12th grade are eligible!  Do your family a favor and check the guidelines (attached to email) to see if you qualify at the 200% of Poverty level – if you do, your St. Mark’s tuition is completely paid for!

“Regular” EdChoice particulars are still being debated in the Ohio Statehouse.  Beginning next week (March 2), we will fill out applications based on what happened in November – just so we are ready for the (possibly) smaller application window.

Collecting for Prince of Peace.  

St. Mark’s youth group is collecting items to help Prince of Peace.  Please bring in your donations Sunday, March 1st, when you come to sing –  and place them in a bin marked for Prince of Peace (just outside the office).  Thank you!  Items needed include:

  • Coffee                                    
  • 8oz styrofoam cups                          
  • Pancake mix (complete)
  • Pancake syrup                                                   
  • Gallon bottles of vinegar
  • Gallon bottles of bleach     
  • Rolls of paper towels                   
  • Spray cleaner (Lysol preferably)
  • Back packs   
  • Powdered coffee creamer
  • 5 lb bags of sugar  
  • 9 inch styrofoam plates                   
  • Blankets
  • Napkins   

School Closing Info

WCPO channel 9 is the one to watch – or check on their website www.wcpo.com.  As a general rule – we follow Milford Schools.

Box Top$!

One and a half weeks remain in the third quarter Box Top$ contest. Kindergarten leads the pack with grades 3&4 and grades 5&6 close behind. Preschool 4s follows in fourth place. Keep those clipped Box Top$ coming in and be sure to download the new app so you can start scanning your receipts. Buy some Pillsbury rolls and biscuits to earn extra points when you purchase more than one item. Thanks for helping the school!  They received a check for about $300.00 this year and will get another check before the school year ends.  Gil and Judi Schepmann

It’s Yearbook Time!

Our online yearbook store is now open. You may order your student’s yearbook, personalize it, add loveliness, and even add an advertisement for your company – all on this website! Deadline is May 1, 2020.   https://stmarksmilford2019-2020.picaboo.com/st-marks-19-20-yearbook  

You are also invited to contribute pictures to the Yearbook using the following URL:


Viruses Everywhere?

While federal health officials have said that the coronavirus is potentially a serious public health threat, most Americans, at this point, are not at risk. However, we should be cautious and follow the CDC’s guidelines for preventing the spread of viruses:

  • Thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when washing hands with soap and water is not available
  • Disinfect all surfaces
  • Cover noses and mouths with a tissue or cloth when sneezing
  • Stay away from sick people, and staying home if you, yourself, are sick.

“As you know, this is the annual influenza season, so the usual prevention methods are recommended by the CDC,”  By Arianna Prothero

Classroom Happenings

Mrs. Newell (Pre-School 3)       

This week the 3 year old class learned about the letter Z. We learned about Zacchaeus during Bible. We made some zigzag art, and we learned all about zoo animals.

Mrs. Rehmer (Pre-School 4)     

Dental Health was our focus for the week. We practiced how we brush, floss and take care of our teeth.  We will also be sorting good/bad foods for our teeth and bodies. We have also  been enjoying playing in our dramatic play center using the skills we learned in our health and dental units to pretend we are healthcare professionals. Our letter this week is Dd.

Zacchaeus was our bible story character this week, he showed us how Jesus always forgives and loves us even if we have not always been kind to others and have sinned.  Luke 19:1-10 Bible words: Have mercy upon us, O Lord. Psalm 123:3

Mrs. Reynolds (Pre-K)    

This week Pre-K continued their weather unit by learning about the water cycle and how rain is formed. We used a shaving cream cloud in a jar experiment to help us visualize this process. We practiced reading sentences with sight words in them and learned the new word “it”. We also talked about how we can learn to read new words by sounding them out. We practiced adding small numbers together and learned the letter “V”. In Bible we learned about a man named Zaccheus and how even though most people didn’t like him Jesus befriended him.

Mrs. Sherman (K)

At Bible time, we heard of Jesus healing a paralyzed man. We talked about how He can heal our physical sickness and, also, the sin sickness in our hearts. During reading, we read humorous fictional literature about making scientific discoveries. We finished up dental health week with the story What If You Had Animal Teeth? We created self portraits with animal teeth and wrote about how we would use those teeth! We completed dental themed math and literacy centers such Brush Up on Addition and Tooth-r-ific CVC words. In Art, we created 3-D paper sculptures.

Mrs. Boerboom (1-2)

This week, the 1st and 2nd grade dove back into science! We learned about the states of matter, and conducted a tasty experiment of making lemon sherbet! We also continued learning cursive in 2nd grade. In math, 1st grade learned how to solve basic number stories. In language arts, 1st grade read about things that live in the ocean and learned more about the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’.

Miss Rhonemus (3-4)

Third and fourth graders have been busy learning many new skills whilst revealing old skills along the way. Fourth graders reviewed fractions while third grade started working with parentheses in number sentences. We also read more of Snow Treasure and saw how adults and kids worked together to help Norway during WWII. In writing we are working on composing essay style papers with a full five paragraph layout while also working with adverbs and pronouns in grammar. Students learned about health, nutrition, and how our bodies work as part of science.

Mr. Postenrieder (5-6)

In our Bible time we continued our study of Daniel, and Daniel’s friends. In 5th grade math we worked on addition and subtraction of mixed numbers. In Literature, we continued reading Summer of the Monkeys. In Grammar, we are weighing the difference between some adjectives and adverbs that are interchanged often due to their troublesome meanings.  In Social Studies we continued our study of the Caribbean – and in PE, we began jumping rope.

Mr. Kollmorgen and Mr. Hoffmann (7-8)

In Religion, we compared the parable of the talents to our responsibilities regarding our Spiritual Gifts.  In Math, Course 3 is graphing equations and Algebra 1 is learning to solve equivalent equations.  In History, the Revolutionary War is beginning – the colonists have recaptured Boston!   Although many people say they aren’t superstitious, the 7 & 8th will
speculate whether they really are after reading the short story “The Monkey’s Paw.”
We are also working on another draft of the argumentative paper with a
focus on word choices and sentence structures.