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St. Mark's Messenger

February 14, 2020

St. Mark’s Messenger

Principal Tim Kollmorgen




 14 – No School

 16 – Worship: 8:00am; 10:30am; 6:00pm

 17 – No School – President’s Day

 18 – Classes Resume

         Science Olympiad – 4:15pm

 19 – Chapel: Mr. Kollmorgen

         Basketball @ Immanuel, Hamilton

            Girls 4:30pm

 20 – Science Olympiad – 4:15pm

It’s almost Skyline time!! Come and eat at Skyline on FAT Tuesday, February 25, to support St Marks 7/8 grade class trip.  Between the hours of 11:00am – 10:00pm –dine in, carry out, or drive thru – just be sure to mention St Marks or show the flyer (flyers available next Tuesday) and we will receive 15% of the total sales!  This is the Mulberry Skyline located at 1055 OH 28, Milford, OH 45150.  Come and eat!


Enrollment for returning students is open NOW!  Here is your link to our online form:


The 4 year old class, Pre-K, K, and grades 1, 2, and 3 are in real danger of filling to capacity – enroll early to your reserve your spot(s)!  Community enrollment is now open.

All enrollments must be secured with the proper fee in order to guarantee the seat!


I have no updates for you on this topic – other than hearings are being held at the committee level in the Statehouse at this very moment.  If you would be willing to call your representative or testify in person, let me know and I can get you there!

EdChoice is Ohio’s “school voucher” system.  There are actually two EdChoice Scholarships – EdChoice, and EdChoice Expansion.  Regular EdChoice provides scholarships based on a student being assigned to or attending a failing school.  EdChoice Expansion is purely based on a family’s income.

EdChoice Expansion is NOT AFFECTED at this time.  The application window is open and it is business as usual – except that now all students in K – 12th grade are now eligible!  Do your family a favor and check the guidelines (attached to email) to see if you qualify at the 200% of Poverty level – if you do, your St. Mark’s tuition is completely paid for!

School Closing Info

WCPO channel 9 is the one to watch – or check on their website www.wcpo.com.  As a general rule – we follow Milford Schools.

If School is closed, you will see not only “Milford Exempted Village Schools – closed”, but “St. Mark’s Lutheran School – closed” on the screen as well.  If there is a 2 hour delay, you will see that on WCPO.  That means that AM preschool will not meet, lunch and enrichment will begin at 11:50am.  PM preschool will begin as usual.  K-8 will begin at 10:30am.  If there is a 1 hour delay, you will see that on WCPO.  That means that AM preschool and K-8 will begin at 9:30am

Box Top$!

Third quarter Box Top$ contest is underway. Kindergarten is in the lead followed by grades 1&2 and Preschool 4 year olds. Keep the Box Top$ coming in so we can add them to ones that have been scanned and submitted for St Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran School. The Box Top$ you clip and send to school are becoming fewer and fewer. Please download the Box Top$ app so your purchases can be credited to St Mark’s. We appreciate everyone who is scanning their receipts. Gil and Judi Schepmann

It’s Yearbook Time!

Our online yearbook store is now open. You may order your student’s yearbook, personalize it, add loveliness, and even add an advertisement for your company – all on this website! Deadline is May 1, 2020.   https://stmarksmilford2019-2020.picaboo.com/st-marks-19-20-yearbook  

You are also invited to contribute pictures to the Yearbook using the following URL:


Viruses Everywhere?

While federal health officials have said that the coronavirus is potentially a serious public health threat, most Americans, at this point, are not at risk. However, we should be cautious and follow the CDC’s guidelines for preventing the spread of viruses:

  • Thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when washing hands with soap and water is not available
  • Disinfect all surfaces
  • Cover noses and mouths with a tissue or cloth when sneezing
  • Stay away from sick people, and staying home if you, yourself, are sick.

“As you know, this is the annual influenza season, so the usual prevention methods are recommended by the CDC,”  By Arianna Prothero

Classroom Happenings

Mrs. Newell (Pre-School 3)       

This week the 3 year olds learned about the letter V. We celebrated Valentine’s day with our friends and parents in our classroom with fun parties! 

Mrs. Rehmer (Pre-School 4)     

What a fun week we had in preschool, from decorating our Valentine’s day bags, counting to 20 with hearts and making fun cards and gifts for our parents.  Our Valentine’s day party was the highlight of our week where we enjoyed lots of fun crafts, snacks and games! A big thank you to all the parents who planned and took part in our preschool parties.  The preschool is so blessed to have such wonderful parents who share their time and talents with their children! 

Our Bible story this week focused on when Jesus visited Martha and Mary at their home, and how Mary made the right choice by learning that God’s word is most important. Luke 10:38-42 Bible words: Jesus said, “Learn from Me.” Matthew 11:29

Mrs. Reynolds (Pre-K)    

Pre-k learned the letter T and sight word “in” this week! We also used hearts to create a variety of animals and exchanged valentines. In Bible we learned that God takes care of the birds and flowers and He will take care of us too! We had our valentine party with our families and played a fun game with q-tips and straws called Cupid’s arrow!

Mrs. Sherman (K)

Jesus blesses the children in the Bible and continues to bless them today. We heard of His great love for us and we shared our love for others as we celebrated Valentine’s Day. We had a busy week playing catch up from the snow day. We read about oceans, blended words with the /r/ sound and used context clues as we read. We displayed different ways to show teen numbers, added the room and skip counted on the hundred chart. We also explored magnets.

Mrs. Boerboom (1-2)

This week in 1st and 2nd grade, we worked on an art project for our families! We also did some Valentine’s Day – specific math and language arts activities. 2nd grade also worked with pyramids and lines of symmetry while 1st grade learned about the < and > signs! 1st grade also learned more about complete sentences and 2nd grade read about superstorms and worked on subjects and verbs. In Bible Study, we learned about how Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. 

Miss Rhonemus (3-4)

This week was a whirlwind of a week since it was a four day week following a snow day and preceding Presidents’ Day weekend. Third graders had a test in math over lines, rays, and geometry while fourth grade worked on fractions and decimals some more. In science we talked about how our bodies worked and we covered figurative language in literature. Thursday was spent celebrating Valentine’s Day by exchanging notes and treats. We also mashed President’s Day with Valentine’s Day by matching the President’s with their First Ladies/Valentines. 

Mr. Postenrieder (5-6)

In our Bible time we looked at familiar faces in Jonah, Daniel, and Daniel’s friends. In 5th grade math we continued with negative numbers. In Literature, we continued reading Summer of the Monkeys. In Social Studies we presented our power points on Mexico and Central America. In 5th – 8th grade PE we had a week of fitness training.

Mr. Kollmorgen and Mr. Hoffmann (7-8)

In Religion, we discussed the Holy Spirit and how to lead a sanctified life.  In Math, Course 3 learned about the slope-intercept form of an equation, while Algebra 1 started working with the cartesian coordinate system.  In History, we tested over Chapter 3.  In Language Arts, the 7th and 8th graders peer-edited their argumentative papers.