Christian Education Opportunites

All our teachings are based solely on the Bible, God’s inspired and inerrant Word. We invite you to become a member of our church family and to grow in your faith relationship with God. 

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Sunday Family Bible Hour

Sunday’s @ 9:15 AM

This is the primary education hour for Sunday school, high school, and adults.  The Adult Bible Class is taught by Pastor Fenker. The CrossTalk Bible Class is led by lay people using LCMS materials.

Men’s Bible Study

Saturday’s @ 7:00 AM

Taught by Pastor Fenker for all men, young & old. We are affiliated with Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Women’s Bible Study & LWML

Wednesday’s @ 10:00 AM

Taught by Pastor Fenker for all women, young & old.  We are affiliated with the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.

7th & 8th Grade Confirmation Class

Wednesday’s @ 6:30 PM – OR – Saturday’s @ 9:00 AM

Taught by Pastor Fenker. Reviews the major doctrines of our Lutheran Church using the Bible and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism to prepare students for communicant membership and a life of service to our Lord.      

Adult Instruction Class Fall & Winter

Sunday’s @ 7:15 PM

Taught by Pastor Fenker. Reviews the major doctrines of our Lutheran Church based on the Bible for adults from a non-Lutheran background who desire membership, as well as for communicant members who desire a review of our major teachings.

Family Fun Night

Open to all parents and children of our church and school who meet for an evening of family-friendly learning, activities, guest speakers, outings, and fellowship. We meet five times during the school year—September, November, January, March, and May. Consult the calendar and bulletin for exact dates and times.   

“Higher Things”

Yearly Youth Conferences

The mission of “Higher Things” is to assist parents, congregations, and pastors in cultivating and promoting a Lutheran identity among youth through conferences, retreats, publications, and the internet. Our high school students attend every year. Our Junior High School students attend Ohio District Youth Conferences every year. There are other activities and servant events we provide to foster a deeper faith in Jesus for the youth of our church.    

Elementary School

Parents with school age children are encouraged to enroll them in our Lutheran Elementary School which offers excellent academic and Christ-centered instruction in classes from preschool through eighth grade. Please contact our principal, Tim Kollmorgen, at 575-3354 for details.