St. Mark’s Lutheran Church History

There were 16 faithful Lutherans in the Milford area who wanted to share the Good News of God’s salvation in Christ. The Lord has been at work ever since! In January of 1958, St. Mark’s celebrated its first service and became the first Lutheran church in Clermont County. In February of 1959, land was purchased on Buckwheat Road to build a multipurpose building for education, fellowship activities, and a temporary sanctuary for its 103 members.

As the congregation grew, there was the need in 1980 for a new and larger house of worship, offices, and conference rooms. Much of the labor of building was donated by members of the congregation, saving nearly half the cost.

Since there was a need to help meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our members and neighbors in the community, Milford Miami Ministries was established in 1981—a coalition of local churches offering support, food, and clothing to the needy.

In the 1990s, St. Mark’s established and built St. Mark’s Manor to provide housing and to minister to some of the elderly in our congregation. St. Mark’s then established a Lutheran preschool. From 2002 to the present, a school building was built and dedicated. Today St. Mark’s Lutheran Elementary School serves students from preschool through 8th grade with approximately 130 students enrolled. An addition to the school building was constructed and dedicated to meet the growing needs of our students and faculty in 2012. As of January 2020, St. Mark’s has a current membership of 600 baptized members, of whom 478 are adult communicants.

Sons of the Congregation: We thank the Lord of the Church that he has moved the following nine men—members of St. Mark’s—to enter the pastoral ministry. Their dates of ordination are noted.

            Rev. William Timmer 1968

            Rev. Jerrold Collins 1978

            Rev. David Heitner 1986

            Rev. Dr. Kent Burreson 1996

            Rev. Michael Poynter 2003

            Rev. Anthony Creeden 2006

            Rev. Aaron Fenker 2012

            Rev. Aaron West 2014

            Rev. Leonard Tanksley 2018

Pastors Past and Present Serving at St. Mark’s:

            Rev. Paul Boecler 1958–1966

            Rev. Albert Mann 1966–1976

            Rev. William Dierks 1976–2001

            Rev. Michael Heidle 1994–2001

            Rev. William Fenker 2002–Present