1st – 8th Grade

St. Mark’s Lutheran School will provide training, wisdom and the grace of God for children as we seek their growth to maturity and their incorporation into the kingdom of God.

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Curriculum Highlights

The teachers at St. Mark’s work long and hard to provide instructional opportunities that meet the needs of all of our students.  Our curriculum is aligned with Ohio’s State standards and we are accredited by the State of Ohio which recognizes National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. 


Children are instructed in Old and New Testament accounts that show God’s plan of redemption from mankind’s fall into sin through Christ’s ultimate redemptive act of dying on the cross at Calvary.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired, perfect, inerrant Word of God.


Students in grades 1-8 are instructed in Spanish twice each week. They learn to read, write and speak Spanish. Special emphasis is placed on conversational Spanish.


Each student participates in an art class at least once each week. Creative expression using a variety of mediums is taught and encouraged. Each student is exposed to the work of famous artists.

Language Arts

Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, and Reading are taught in most grades.  The ability to read is everything in education and we concentrate on reading skills starting in preschool.  We use an incentive based reading program called Accelerated Reader to increase fluency and comprehension. Older students use what they have learned to produce papers and other writing artifacts.


Arithmetic skills are introduced and built upon in the lower grades.  Grades 6-8 math uses a leveled approach – students are grouped according to their abilities and are pushed to do their best.  Our students are normally able to earn a High School credit in Algebra 1 – and some are able to take Geometry in the 8th grade.

Social Studies

Students learn about the discovery of America, Native Americans and their interaction with colonists, The American Revolution, creating a republic, federal government, Civil War, and rebuilding a nation. We study Latin America, Europe and Russia, Asia and the Pacific, and Africa. We also learn about our state – the geography of Ohio, Ohio’s resources, Native Americans in Ohio, European exploration of Ohio, Ohio’s role in the American Revolution and Civil War, and Ohio Government.


Each student in grades 1–8 participates in a technology class at least once a week. Students learn different ways to access commands using menus, toolbars, and shortcut menus. Keyboarding is taught starting in first grade. Microsoft Office is taught and used starting in 3rd grade. PowerPoint presentations are implemented into the student’s classes starting at 6th grade.  Grades 7 and 8 use spreadsheets to record and graph science data. St. Mark’s has enough devices so that students do not need to share – each may use his or her “own” device.


Music is definitely a hands-on experience at St. Mark’s.  Children learn to appreciate music by playing a variety of instruments.  Third and Fourth grade students learn to play the recorder. The music program at St. Mark’s Lutheran School enables students to explore their creativity through singing and playing instruments. Every student who graduates from St. Mark’s knows how to read music and has played at least one instrument.


In 5th-8th grade, our students learn to play a band instrument.   Students choose to play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, or percussion.  Some instruments are school-owned while some students supply their own. Concert participation occurs during the annual Christmas program and the End of the Year Spring Concert.

Physical Education

Our bodies are God’s temple and we learn how to take care of them by introducing a beginning level of physical fitness and increasing that level as students progress through the grades and begin to increase muscular strength and endurance during each class. 

St. Mark’s physical education classes provide a progression in all areas of physical development.  Students begin by refining gross motor skills and learn to develop fine motor skills. They also begin participating in activities that encourage working together in small teams and problem solving in physical activities – such as working with a parachute.  Teamwork is further encouraged as students learn to play together as they progress through the grades.

Students work on basic sport-specific skills – such as kicking, catching, and throwing – and later apply these skills as they learn to play many of the popular team sports. Upper grade students are taught the skills and rules necessary to play volleyball, football, basketball, and softball.  

All grades are encouraged to participate in some non-traditional team activities and are introduced to some individual and partner activities including jumping rope, bowling, and Square Dancing.