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Preschool & Kindergarten

St. Mark’s Lutheran School will provide training, wisdom and the grace of God for children as we seek their growth to maturity and their incorporation into the kingdom of God.

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*3 year old classes are full – call the office (513) 575-3354 to be placed on a waiting list

**4 year old AM class is FULL.

You may enroll in PM class or be

put on a waiting list for AM.

Preschool Ages 2-5

Every student is a precious gift from God!  St. Mark’s Lutheran School provides a learning environment with an emphasis on academic as well as spiritual development.

As parents of preschoolers know, their children absorb everything they see and hear – like a sponge!  It is at this age that children “soak up” the information that sets the foundation for future learning about faith, ethics, morality and other Christian beliefs.

Preschoolers also need security and we teach them to feel secure in the knowledge that God loves them and sent His Son to die for their sins.  This truth is revealed to them throughout the Preschool curriculum, which includes: 

  • Biblically-integrated learning across the curriculum;
  • Character development through daily Bible lessons, prayer, and social interaction;
  • A literacy-based program with emphasis on pre-reading, writing, and language skills 
  • Exposure to large and small group activities; and 
  • Curriculum that follows Ohio Department of Education early learning content standards.
  • Opportunities to participate in school-wide functions such as Grandparents’ Day, Family Fun Nights, and Christmas programs.

We also offer: 

  • Small Class Sizes
  • All Day Options(3s, 4s, & PK)
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Spanish Instruction (4s & PK)
  • Family Values
  • Seasoned Educators

Preschool Tuition Options


Our Kindergarten program partners with parents to provide a strong academic and spiritual foundation for their children.  Kindergarteners participate in many elementary activities such as Christmas programs, Grandparents’ Day, Family Fun Nights, and chapel services.  Students go on field trips for learning outside the classroom.

Our curriculum allows students time to focus on academics and social interactions without being overwhelmed and includes:


Students participate in daily devotions, songs, and prayers.  They learn Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories that teach about Creation, and the birth and life of Jesus.


We begin the year learning to recognize shapes and numbers, and to write the numbers 1–30.  Students also learn to read the numbers 1–100. They work with patterns, calendar activities, time, measurement, money and number stories.

Social Studies

Kindergarteners learn about Pilgrims, elections, fire safety, Eskimos, families, symbols of the US, geography, and U.S. Presidents.


We explore the five senses, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, life cycles, magnets, states of matter, shadows, floating, sinking, and weather.

Students enjoy their Dr. Science lessons.


Students express themselves creatively using a variety of mediums.

Physical Education

Students learn a variety of movement skills, manipulative skills, and tag games. They learn to throw, kick, and catch and participate in  basic aerobic activities, cooperative games, and dance.


The students write letters and words, learn proper spacing between words, and explore capitalization and punctuation.  They then apply what they have learned to write simple sentences.