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churchClasses are offered in parenting, marriage support, divorce care, grief share, and other family issues. Information with dates and times are listed below.

The family has been given the responsibility to nurture their children in a living relationship with the Lord. Family Ministries works to support and equip families in faith development.

Previous events to equip and encourage families…

  • Advent Workshop

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is committed to our congregation’s pre-marriage ministry through Pastor Fenker’s pre-marriage counseling required of all member couples. Family Ministries is also committed to the strengthening of the covenant of marriage.

Upcoming events to strengthen and acknowledge marriage…

  • Date Nights—Held the second Saturday of even numbered months. Child care is available at the church from 5:00–9:00 pm so parents can have a “no-kids date” with their spouse.
  • Anniversary Share—First Sunday of each month couples celebrating an anniversary that month are recognized at the end of every worship service.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School strives to support parents in Christian parenting.

  • Parenting 1, 2, 3, 4—3-week course on parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Previous event on parenting...Active Parenting.

The family is important in shaping the lives of people. St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is resolved in partnering with homes to teach God’s will on human sexuality through all stages of life.

Previous events on human sexuality…
Purity and My Child Parent Night—
Talking to My Child about Sex—

Resources available: Concordia Publishing House—Human Sexuality Series for Ages 5–13; Pam Stenzel's video on Purity for ages 12+.

Families are constantly changing. These changes sometimes come through death, divorce, and adoptions. St. Mark’s Lutheran Church supports these families in times of change.

Previous events to support non-nuclear families…

  • Grief Share—12-week course for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Divorce Care—Support group for adults dealing with divorce.
  • Divorce Care for Kids—Children are victims of divorce. This support group is intended to help children ages 5–12 deal with their issues and anxieties in a divorced family.

Resources available: Video on Children of Divorce

Also reference the St. Mark's Calendar page of this website for scheduled activities.


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