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Junior Youth Group & Senior Youth Group
For junior high school and high school students. Bible study, fellowship, lock-ins, Higher Things Conferences, fun outings, and servant events. Dates and times vary.

For men and women of all ages, including high school students. Wednesday, 7:30 pm.

Hand Bell Choir
For men and women of all ages, including high school students. Tuesday, 7:00 pm.

Women’s Guild & Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML)
For adult women, both young and old. The second Sunday of the month, 7:00 pm. Devotion, business, fellowship, and refreshments. Childcare provided.

Young At Heart
A social group of seniors and empty nesters which meets on variable dates each month. For further information regarding the Young At Heart group or the schedule of events, call 469-1216.

Prayer Chain
For men and women of all ages who pray for those who have health problems and special concerns.

For men of all ages, including high school students.

Altar Guild
For adult women and men, young and old, whose major responsibility is caring for Communion vessels, altar linens, and the sanctuary proper.

For 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation students.

Sunday School Teachers
For those who desire to use their abilities to teach the Christian faith to children of all ages.

Vacation Bible School
Provides a week of Christian education and activities for children during the summer.

Helps to support the needy of the community through Milford Miami Ministries (MMM).

Nursery Staff
For high school students and adults who provide nursery care during the 10:30 am Sunday service.

Join any group. You will enjoy quality time with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as you serve Him and His people. Please consult calendar and Sunday bulletin for the most current information.

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