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Young At Heart Group

lutheran seniorsYoung At Heart is a social group of seniors and empty nesters which meets on variable dates each month.

Schedule of Events:

Tues., March 14--Asian Tour Presentation, Speaker: Ryan Echternacht,
1:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

Wed., April 5--Volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries, 10:00 am,
carpool from St. Mark's at 9:30 am, Lunch to follow

Wed., April 26--Hindu Temple Tour, 10:00 am, carpool from St. Mark's
at 9:30 am

Thurs., May 18--Cincinnati City Hall Tour, 10:00 am, carpool from St. Mark's at 9:15 am

Sat., June 24--Summer Solstice Barbeque, 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall, barbeque provided, bring covered dish to share, special in-house entertainment provided!

For further information regarding the Young At Heart group or the schedule of events, call 469-1216.

Events are also posted on the Church Calendar page of this website and the Young At Heart bulletin board in the narthex.

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