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Accreditation:  Developing Specific Curriculum Goals

lutheran school milford oh accredidationSt. Mark’s faculty meets regularly to review the curriculum goals for St. Mark’s Lutheran School and to coordinate efforts to provide the best learning environment possible.

St. Mark’s emphasis on curriculum and instruction is a valuable part of the ongoing accreditation process. St. Mark’s Lutheran School is accredited with two agencies, the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) and the Ohio Department of Education.

Accreditation is a validation of St. Mark’s excellent academic program and a process that builds on the school’s unique strengths and guides the plans for improvement. St. Mark’s curriculum is aligned with state standards and fully prepares each student for high school. Annually, St. Mark’s is evaluated by each of the accrediting institutions. We continue to strive to improve so the students will reach their potential within the God given gifts that they possess.

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Kindergarten: Specific Curriculum Goals

kindergarten milford ohReligion: Daily devotions, songs, prayers, and Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories that teach the children about Creation, the birth and life of Jesus.
Reading: Writing letters and words, spaces between words, capitalization, periods, writing simple sentences, describing words, proper nouns, and punctuation fantasy and fairy tales.
Mathematics: Recognition of shapes and numbers, writing #1–30, reading #1–100, patterns, calendar activities, time, measurement, money and number stories.
Social Studies: Pilgrims, elections, fire safety, Eskimos, families, symbols of the US, geography, and U.S. Presidents.
Science: The five senses, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, life cycles, magnets, states of matter, shadows, floating, sinking, and weather.
Physical Education: Movement skills, manipulative skills, tag games, track, scooters, throwing, kicking, catching, basic aerobic activity, cooperative games, and dance.
Art: Creative expression using a variety of mediums.

Our daughters both love St. Mark’s, they can’t wait to go to school. St. Mark’s introduced learning in a manner that they both enjoy and want to explore further. We see this in the questions they ask and activities they choose. We are also very impressed by how much they know about Jesus and His teachings. They both love the Bible songs and Jesus Time—Bible lessons are their favorite. We are very pleased with the quality of teaching and the positive attitude they have towards learning.
– Brett and Rama Samantha and Ashley’s Dad and Mom

1st Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

first grade milford ohReligion: Creation, The Lord’s Prayer, the First Sin, the Wise Men, Moses, Abraham, the Exodus, disciples, parables, the Ten Commandments, Palm Sunday, and the Last Supper.
Reading and Language: Kendall Hunt reading as a base, long and short vowels, blends, punctuation capitals, nouns, verbs, adjectives, compound words, sentence structure, suffixes, picture writing, and journaling.
Spelling: Diction and sentence format, usage, tactile practice
Mathematics: Double digit addition and subtraction, bar and picture graphing, simple fractions, counting by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 10’s, counting money, and reading the clock.
Social Studies: How to use a globe, read a map, and follow a route. Age-appropriate current events are discussed weekly.
Science: Life Science—plants, animals, and habitats. Physical Science—heat, sound, light, grouping objects, moving, and working. Earth Science—earth, sky, and weather. The Human Body—senses, growing, changing, and health care.
Physical Education: Tag games, track, scooters, throwing, kicking, dance, aerobic activity, beginning basketball, baseball, and football skills (throwing and hitting), floor hockey, parachute, and cooperative games.
Music: Singing techniques, beginning music theory, and music appreciation.

We have two boys at St. Mark’s and have been involved here for five years.I can’t say enough good things about this school. The teachers are wonderful and we especially like the class sizes. The kids are all close and there is a real sense of family.
– Melanie Sam and Robby’s Mom

2nd Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

Religion: Faith, the Lord’s Plan, God’s Grace, miracles, and Jesus.
Reading and Language: Kendall Hunt Reading—comprehension, phonics, grammar, expression and techniques, writing and language development, author studies, and writer’s workshop.
Spelling: Dictation and sentence format, usage, and tactile practice.
Mathematics: Addition, subtraction, introduction to multiplication and division, graphing, measurement, problem solving, money, time, shapes, area, and missing numbers.
Social Studies: Family ties, earth, map skills, We the People, discovering our past, people, places, and holidays.
Science: Life Science—plants, animals, and fossils. Physical Science—matter, sound, heat, light, force, and magnets. Earth Science—earth, weather, seasons, and the solar system.
Physical Education: Tag games, track, throwing, kicking, catching, dance, aerobic activity, beginning basketball, baseball, and football skills (throwing and hitting), floor hockey, parachute, and cooperative games.
Music: Singing techniques, music theory, and music appreciation.
Art: Creative expression using a variety of mediums; paying special attention to drawing techniques and development. Artist studies.

We selected St. Mark’s Lutheran School for our daughter because of its Christ -centered education and small class size. St. Mark’s provides personal attention in a loving and caring environment. Our daughter has received an excellent preschool education and she will continue at St. Mark’s for kindergarten and beyond.
– Steve and Elisa Kristen’s Dad and Mom

3rd Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marks milford ohReligion (2 year cycle): Year 1 Study of Old Testament stories including: creation, the fall, the flood, the tower of Babel, life of Abraham, Moses, the Exodus, Jericho, Samuel, Saul, and David. We will also do the Christmas and Holy Week/Easter stories.Year 2 Study of some Old Testament stories, including: Solomon, the division of the kingdom, Psalms, Elijah, Elisha, 3 men and the fiery furnace, Daniel, and Jonah. Study of the New Testament, including: birth of John, birth of Jesus, and teachings of Jesus.
Reading: Reading skil s, comprehension skil s, writing skil s and dictionary skills will be taught in conjunction with the reading of trade books such as: Ramona Quimby, Age 8, A Story, A Story, Spiders, Catwings, The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates, Helen Keller, Trash!, Sarah Plain and Tall. Students also participate in the Accelerated Reader program to encourage reading and develop comprehension and vocabulary skills.
Language Arts: The study and use of parts of speech, including: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions; writing skil s, including: writing sentences, letters, paragraphs, stories, poems, and research reports.
Spelling: Spelling patterns are studied for consonants, long and short vowels, digraphs, blends, clusters, suffixes, plurals, compounds, homophones, and contractions.
Mathematics: Money skills, time skills, patterning, addition, subtractions, multiplication, division, story problems, fractions, decimals, place value, polygons, angles, lines, measurement in standard and metric, graphing, probability, and calculator skills.
Social Studies: The study of different kinds of communities in the U.S. and the world, how communities were formed, the history of some communities, immigration, celebrations, inventions over time, economic choices, our local and U.S. government.
Science: Life Science—plants, animals, living things, the environment. Physical Science—matter, forces, machines, energy, sound. Earth Science—earth’s surface, clouds, storms, rocks, soil, the solar system. Health—systems of the body: (muscles, skeletal, nervous, respiratory, digestive), food pyramid, germs, avoiding drugs and alcohol.
Art: Projects using different mediums and techniques, art appreciation.

St. Mark’s is a cool school. My favorite thing is music because I love to sing. I also like it because it’s a Christian school. I like all the teachers. I have a lot of friends at St. Mark’s.
– Mary  Third Grade Student

4th Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marksReligion: Birth, death, resurrection of Jesus, Memory, Bible Journal, and Character Traits.
Reading (Novel Based): There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, The Skirt, Riding Freedom, The Whipping Boy, The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo, and Snow Treasure.
English: Proof reading, parts of speech, letters, sentencing, persuasive letters, creative writing, informative writing, research, and study skills.
Spelling: Plurals, possessives, diphthongs, compounds, suffixes, and prefixes.
Mathematics: Multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, use of protractors, and word problems.
Social Studies: Geography of Ohio, Ohio’s resources, Native Americans in Ohio, European exploration of Ohio, Ohio’s role in the American Revolution and Civil War, and Ohio Government.
Science: Measuring matter, force, motion, electricity, magnetism, weather, the makeup of the earth, body systems, plant and animal structure and function, caves, and energy in ecosystems.
Computer: Keyboarding, databases, word processing, and spread sheets.
Physical Education: Volleyball, basketball, football skills, racket sports, cooperative games, aerobic activity, kickball, putt-putt, physical fitness and importance and function of the heart, flexibility, and dance.
Music: Reading music, sing, and music appreciation.

Not only are the academics top notch, but the spiritual teachings are, too. The teaching staff and all others are dedicated Christians who share their faith in a way that the children have good, positive role models.
– Melanie Sam and Robby’s Mom  4th Grade

5th Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marks milfordReligion: God’s Word in the life of Martin Luther, memory, character traits, and the study of God’s Word.
Reading: Sign of the Beaver, Bridge to Terabithia, Walking the Road to Freedom, Where the Waves Break, and The Defenders.
English: Sentences, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, describing, and persuading.
Spelling: Consonant sounds, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, and antonyms.
Mathematics: Double-digit multiplication, fractions, improper fractions, word problems, dividends, lines, use of protractors, quotients, decimals, and units of measurement.
Social Studies: A nation of many peoples, Native American studies, United States, U.S. geography, the age of exploration, settling a new world, wars, unity, moving west, southern and northern culture and conflict.
Science: Living things, reproduction and change, adaptation, ecology, classifying matter, investigating motion, excretion, and respiration, and forms of energy.
Computer: Keyboarding, databases, word processing, and spread sheets.
Physical Education: Volleyball, softball, basketball, football skills, racket sports, cooperative games, aerobic activity, flexibility, and dance.
Music: Reading music, singing, and music appreciation.

We wanted a school that offered a Christian education and values that matched our teaching at home. St. Mark’s provided this and so much more! The small class sizes allow for individual attention and our daughter has thrived in this environment. The dedication and love the teachers have for their students encourages both academic growth and a greater love of God.
– Matt and Heidi  Ashley’s Dad and Mom  5th Grade

6th Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marks school milford ohioReligion: Creation, Good News, Salvation through grace, Gospel of Matthew, confirmation, Christian drama, and focus on service.
Reading: Hatchet, American Tall Tales, Summer of the Monkeys, Tracker, Julie of the Wolves, and The Great Gilly Hopkins.
English: Elements of writing, personal narratives, sentences, parts of speech, writing to inform, writing to persuade, poetry, exposition, descriptive writing, prepositional phrases, and writing a report.
Mathematics: Basic operations, measurement, problem solving, variables, geometry, probability, pre-algebra, and formulas.
History: World geography, ancient Egypt, ancient China, ancient India, ancient Greece, Medieval Times, and ancient Mesopotamia.
Science: Life Science—structure and function of cells, reproduction and heredity, changing and adapting, ecosystems and biomes. Earth Science—technology and weather, earth processes, exploring the universe, resources, and conservation.
Spelling: Expanding vocabulary, new and review words.
Computer: Safe use of the Internet and advanced use of Microsoft Office Pre.
Physical Education: Volleyball, softball, basketball, football skills, whiffle ball skills, track, soccer, floor hockey, racket sports, frisbee, aerobic activity, and dance.
Music: Music history, music theory, and band.

We love St. Mark’s school! Three of our children are enrolled and each one is thriving. The school offers classes for preschool through 8th grade. The education and Christian environment are excellent.
– Sharon Kyrie, Savannah and Ethan’s Mom 6th Grade

7th Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marks milford ohReligion: The Good News: salvation through grace, the Gospel of Matthew, Christian drama, memorization of Bible verses, and a constant focus on Christian service.
Reading: Excerpts of American Literature.
English: Vocabulary, usage, mechanics, grammar, narratives, essays, public speaking, and reports.
Mathematics: Continuation of basic operations, complex use of fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, multiple step problem solving, basic pre-algebra, probability, and geometry concepts.
History: Latin America, Europe and Russia, Asia and the Pacific, Africa.
Science: The Scientific Method, the metric system, properties and states of matter, motion, Newton’s Laws, work and machines, energy, electricity, and Science Olympiad.
Computer: Keyboarding, databases, word processing, power point, and spread sheets.
Foreign Language: Instruction in Spanish: reading, writing, and speaking.
Physical Education: Volleyball, softball, basketball, football, whiffle ball, track, soccer, floor hockey, racket sports, frisbee, aerobic activity, and dance.

8th Grade: Specific Curriculum Goals

milford oh schoolReligion: Family Life, the Ecumenical Creeds, the Gospel of Luke, and the Book of Romans.
Reading: Thank You Ma’am, Flowers For Algernon, Dr. Heiddegger’s Experiment, Poetry by Langston Hughes, Les Miserables, The Bishop’s Candlesticks, Robin Hood, The Ransom of Red Chief, The Giver, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Diary of Anne Frank, Voices from the Holocaust, Essays and Speeches.
English: Personal narrative, descriptions, position papers, persuasive writing, research papers, grammar, usage, and mechanics review.
Mathematics: Number theory, transformational geometry, data analysis, theoretical probability, and mathematical reasoning.
History: The American Revolution, creating a republic, federal government, Civil War, and rebuilding a nation.
Science: Life Science—the study of cells, plants, genetics, body systems, and drugs. Earth Science—mapping, motions of the earth, atmosphere, and weather.
Computer: Keyboarding, databases, word processing, and spread sheets.
Foreign Language: Instruction in Spanish: reading, writing, and speaking.
Physical Education: Volleyball, softball, basketball, football, whiffle ball, track, soccer, floor hockey, racket sports, frisbee, aerobic activity, and dance.

St. Mark’s provided a learning environment where I could get the individual attention I would not have had otherwise. It helped me to become more confident in my studies and to excel in areas I had struggled with before. The spiritual and personal enrichment I received will help guide me throughout my entire life—with God by my side.
– Mallorie Graduate of St. Mark’s Lutheran School  8th Grade

Physical Education: Specific Curriculum Goals

st marks milfordDeveloping The Students’ Physical Skills and Supporting A Healthy Lifestyle.

Kindergarten–Second Grade: During the early elementary years St. Mark’s physical education classes focus on refining gross motors skills and beginning to develop fine motor skills. Early in the school year the students work on kicking, catching, and throwing. A beginning level of physical fitness is also introduced with stretching and finding ways to use different muscles. Learning to work together as a team is also an important emphasis, whether playing traditional sports like soccer or working with a parachute. Activities include soccer, kickball, tag games, parachute, T-ball, gym scooters, and relay games.
Third and Fourth Grade: During these two years the students begin to work on more sport-specific skills as well as an increased level of physical fitness. Students work on basic skills in many of the popular team sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. Students also begin participating in activities that encourage working together in small teams and problem solving in physical activities. An increased level of physical fitness is introduced with stretching, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and strength.
Fifth–Eighth Grade: Students in these grades are taught the skills and rules necessary to play most of the popular team sports. Students have tests on skills and rules in volleyball, football, basketball, and softball. An increased level of physical fitness is emphasized as students begin to increase muscular strength and endurance during each class. Students also work on developing a healthy level of cardiovascular fitness. They are encouraged to participate in some non-traditional team activities and are introduced to some individual and partner activities.

Other Classes: Specific Curriculum Goals

milford oh schoolsMusic: The music program at St. Mark’s Lutheran School enables students to explore their creativity through singing and playing instruments. Every student who graduates from St. Mark’s knows how to read music and has played at least one instrument.
Spanish: Every student is instructed in Spanish at least once each week. Each student learns to read, write, and speak Spanish. Special emphasis is place on conversational Spanish.
Art: Each student participates is an art class at least once each week. Creative expression using a variety of mediums is taught and encouraged. Each student is exposed to famous artists.
Technology: Each student in grades 1–8 participates in a technology class at least once each week. Students learn different ways to access commands using menus, toolbars, and shortcut menus. Keyboarding is taught starting in first grade. Microsoft Office Pro is taught starting in 3rd grade. Power Point presentations are implemented into the student’s classes starting at 6th grade.

Chapel Worship Services: Specific Goals

st marks milford schoolEvery Wednesday morning all students, faculty, and staff gather for a Chapel worship service. The students participate in a variety of worship styles that include traditional liturgical services with brief messages and contemporary services with Gospel skits. The singing ranges from traditional hymns to children’s Gospel choruses.

All students are actively involved in our weekly worship experiences. 7th and 8th grade students serve as acolytes, ushers and sometimes Scripture readers. Students regularly use their gifts to enhance the worship service, such as providing instrumental music or drama. Whole classes are involved in at least one Chapel service per year in which the entire class plans, prepares, and leads Chapel worship for the student body. Each grade uses the best of their gifts to offer an uplifting experience.

St. Mark’s Pastor and Principal plan and organize the Chapel schedule and oversee the weekly worship services. They regularly lead the worship services and often serve as Chapel speaker. Other speakers include teachers, staff members, and guest pastors. Occasionally a video is shown to educate the students and staff about the need for charity giving. This focus usually coincides with the quarterly giving mission.

Parents, siblings, grandparents, alumni, and neighbors are invited to join the St. Mark’s family for Chapel services.


For more information about our school, please contact us:

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