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Student Support Services Program

Student Support Services at St. Mark’s seeks to prepare all minds to impact the world.


The Student Support Services Program serves students in Kindergarten through 8th grade who have been identified as needing educational support to be successful at accessing the curriculum and/or the learning environment at St. Mark’s.
The program serves students in these four areas:

  • Those who have had diagnostic testing, have been identified with a specific issue that impacts their learning and have a written educational plan.
  • Those who have been identified by their teachers as struggling at or below grade level, and may be academically at risk.
  • Those who have difficulties with reading or are reading below grade level. These students receive direct one-on-one tutoring and/or small group instruction.
  • Those who would benefit by meeting with the teacher for both accountability and support in becoming an independent learner.

Admissions Criteria

We strive to meet the learning needs of all of our students.  Prior to admission to the St. Mark’s, students may be tested.  Our admissions entrance testing process allows us to take each student’s academic history and learning needs into consideration. This way, we are able to determine how we can best partner with the family so that their child can be successful.

Auxiliary Programs

St. Mark’s parents who are seeking services not provided by our staff do have additional options.  Students requiring Speech and Language Therapy have access to one program that meets on campus during school hours.  This program allows students to obtain the help they need during regular school hours, thus easing the burden on the family.  Our speech therapist tests every child at the beginning of each new year. More information can be found by contacting our therapist, Ruth Brothers, at 575-3354. She is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-noon.

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