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Research shows that when parents are active, the schools also improve. So show your child, and his teachers, that his school life is important by making it part of your life as well.

We are looking for parents to get involve to keep St Mark's Lutheran School the great school we have grown to become.

  • Volunteer in the Classroom
  • Chaperon our Class Trips
  • Throw a class party
  • Help with fund raisers to support our school programs

Speak to your child's classroom teacher about resources available to help in the educational, social and emotional development of your child.

We can assist with a variety of resources:

  • FUN Do It Yourself at-home activities to develop an enthusiasm for learning
  • Use our online system to track your child's reading skills development.
  • Recommended books and reading materials
  • Help develop listening skills
  • Science projects on a shoe string
  • Protecting your child against bullying and teasing

We can assist with a variety of classes:

milford oh parents resourcesSt. Mark’s is always here for students and their parents or guardians. We offer a variety of family friendly workshops, seminars, and learning sessions. Parenting 1-2-3 is a class offered during the year for parents with young children (ages 1-4). Active Parenting is a class offered for parents with children ages 5-10. Purity and Talking to your Child about Sex are two workshops offered to parents of older children. Divorce Care and Divorce Care for Kids are offered once a year through St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Grief Share starts sessions in November of each year. Several Family Fun Nights are available for a lighter enjoyment.

We can assist with a variety of communications:

Information vital to a successful experience in grades 1-2 can be found at Mrs. Reisenbichler’s web page at http://www.stmarksmilford.org/MrsR/

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