Annual Events

Family Fun Nights

Family Fun Nights take place every other month during the school year. Our teachers pick the themes for Family Fun Nights. The Bonfire is the first Family Fun Night of the school year. It is a great time to get to know other families at the beginning of the school year. There is a skit written by members of our Student Council, a campfire song sing-a-long, and S'mores. Other Fun Nights have included swimming, roller skating, and guest speakers. The last Family Fun Night of the year is our annual Corn Hole Tournament.



Every fall St. Marks has a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for our school. The students take pledges and earn prizes based upon the amount collected. Prizes are awarded at various intervals. This is our main fundraiser for the year. Some items that we raised money for during the 2016-2017 school years are: club fees; volleyball nets and soccer goals; AR library books; and cabinet/counter space for our upper level classrooms.

Advent Service

Our preschool has their own Advent Service with Pre-3s, Pre-4s, and Pre-K participating. Grades K-8 also has their own Advent service with members of the band performing the preservice music.

Learning Fair

Learning Fair is an annual event that takes place in March. The students each do a project upon that year’s theme. The project is something the students work on throughout the school year and their work is displayed at Learning Fair Night. Last school year we had a Science Fair where each student did their own science project and put together a display board showing their experiment. Ribbons were awarded at each grade level. This year we are doing a Country Fair. Each class is assigned a country and the students will work on different subjects about that country.

National Lutheran Schools Week

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In the spring we celebrate National Lutheran Schools week with daily chapel services, daily dress-up themes, in school service projects, and Grandparents Day.

Spring Band Concert

Every spring our band shows off the skills they learned during the school year. The 3rd and 4th graders proudly display their playing of the recorder. Our 5th graders perform their first concert with the instruments they learned how to play during the school year. The advanced band plays so we can all hear how far they have progressed from their beginning year. There is almost a guarantee that The Star Wars Theme will be performed.

Spring Play and Spring School Concert

On alternating years, our students perform on a school play featuring every child in the Elementary classes. The 2016 Spring Play was entitle Are We There Yet?, it was the story of the Israelites and Moses in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. It was a great production and the kids had a fun time singing and acting. This spring, 2017, we will have a Spring Concert that will combine the Band Concert with songs performed by our Elementary students.


Seventh and Eighth Grade Trip

Each spring the seventh and eighth graders take a trip together with teachers and parent chaperones. It is a great bonding time for the kids and a special way to learn in a different environment. Last year the trip was to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and this year they are going to Ashville, North Carolina.The funds raised from Parent's Night Out are used to help defray the costs for the trip.

Math Camp

Math Camp is held during the first Friday in May. Grades 1-7 can participate and Grade 8 act as helpers. We have a cook out and Sundae Bar and fun math games. The students use math skills to figure out the costs of their meals and sundaes based on their grade level. The evening concludes with a family camp out on our back field. In the morning there is a breakfast where the students again put their math skills to work. This is an event that the kids look forward to every year. It is great fun with games and an awesome way to use math in real life.mc2

Water Day

The last day of school ends in a water day for grade K-8. The students are divided into teams of various grades. The teams compete against each other at various stations of fun and crazy water games. The kids are guaranteed to get wet and have an awesome last day of school.


Our Preschool also has annual events each year. Such as field trips to the Nature Center and Shaw Farm, a visit from the Fire Department and other special guests, Holiday parties, Advent service, and an end of the year bike parade for our Pre-4 and Pre-K classes.

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