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school supplies milford ohThe St. Mark’s Lutheran School Supply List for year of 2018-2019 is in pdf format and will open in a new window for printing. All supplies should be easily found at your local retailer.

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Student Handbook

Welcome to St Mark's Lutheran School. We look forward to providing your child with an outstanding educational experience. As St. Mark's begins its fourteenth year of operation, the staff looks forward to working with you to nurture our community. We strive to maintain a reputation of excellence as we seek to meet the needs of all children enrolled in our school. Our staff members bring a wealth of experience, which will enhance our school.

This handbook is provided as a quick reference for information you will need. Please keep it readily available for your use during the school year.

As the principal, my role is to provide your child with the best educational setting possible. Let us know how we are doing, please feel free to send me a note, call or drop by for a visit. Parent input is invaluable. I look forward to working with you in the most important job you have - educating your child.

Tim Kollmorgen

St Mark's Preschool Handbook

St Mark's School Handbook

"There are only two lasting gifts we can give to our children: One is Roots, the other Wings." - H. Carter

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